Process Management

As a trusted member of Appian Professional Services' Extended Delivery Team, we have deep experience with implementing, supporting, and testing Business Process Management Systems for Federal, Commercial, and NGO customers.

Our Appian Credentials

VPS’ service delivery teams are highly regarded in the Appian community. We are an Appian Trusted Partner specializing in a wide breadth of Appian consulting services. We have strong relationships with Appian Technical Delivery Managers who trust our team to augment Appian Customer Success to satisfy their customers’ needs. Our partnership began in 2012 and has grown to include a diverse range of current and past-performance projects with Appian Customer Success, as well as direct customers.

We’ve worked extensively on many projects in the Federal and commercial markets and are familiar with challenges specific to regulated environments that impact the software development lifecycle.

Appian Services

We offer the following Appian services:

  • Appian Application Design

  • Architecture

  • Performance Testing

  • Application and Systems Administration

  • Plug-in Development

  • Business Analysis

  • Quality Assurance

  • Test Automation

Appian Design

We have teams of highly qualified Appian Designers who support Appian Customer Success as well as our direct customers. The best Designers bring a combination of skills to the table including business analysis capabilities, computer-focused academic backgrounds, Appian training, and hands-on prior performance.

Successful Designer teams include technically diverse consultants who are trained in multiple disciplines. These diverse teams have broad set of tools that make them especially efficient problem solvers, ready for the unique challenges that project invariably present. This diversity of experience that characterizes our consultants and teams gives us unique advantages compared to competing firms in the BPM space.

For an example of our Appian development capabilities, check out the Project Staff Management App, available on the Appian App Market Appian App Market.


We have senior consultants experienced in Appian architecture who assist customers in designing Appian implementations to meet future as well as current business requirements.

The decisions made at the inception of an Appian project have an enormous impact on how flexible and scalable the platform is for future applications. They also have a direct impact on performance. Poor architecture can render an application slow and unusable as load increases.

Having an experienced Appian architect also helps project managers know how to right-size the development team and what levels of resources are needed in terms of personnel and server assets. Not only is the project likely to be a success, project costs are likely to be better controlled as well.

Performance Testing

VPS has deep experience in performance testing Appian deployments and applications, having performance tested Appian deployments across a wide variety of companies, government agencies. More information about our performance testing services and experience can be found here.

Systems Administration

We have Appian Systems Administrators who advise customers on deploying Appian on-premise, or migrate existing on-premise implementations to Appian Cloud.

Organizations in some highly regulated industries prefer to manage servers and applications on-prem where they can directly apply their internal policies and SOPs. Experienced sysadmins know applying the organization’s policies and procedures is critical to data protection and reliability, not to mention generating proof to regulatory bodies that such policies and procedures were followed in deploying an Appian implementation.

Organizations also desire at some point to migrate from legacy Appian on-prem deployments to Appian Cloud. If the customer’s deployment consists of an old version of Appian, the servers and applications must be reviewed to identify required updates to enable smooth migration. VPS is the go-to partner when Appian Customer Success needs expertise to help customers determine what steps need to be taken to ready their on-prem Appian solutions to Appian Cloud.

Plug-in Development

VPS is well-suited to leverage our pedigree of traditional Software Development in the extension of Appian through Java plugin development. We specialize in integrations with other platforms, such as with our Twilio Utilities plugin, available on the Appian App Market.

Business Analysis

We’ve been doing software development for a long time and we know that FAILURE TO PLAN = PLAN TO FAIL. Business Analysis, requirements gathering, and documentation are critical to successful software projects. We recognize the BA role as critical to avoiding the aggravation and wasted time that go along with poorly conceived and managed projects. Without good analysis, it’s code and fix. Our BAs are quality communicators with technical know-how and project experience.

Quality Assurance

In software development, Quality Assurance is the broad array of policies that organizations put in place to ensure that defects minimized in development and caught prior to release. Quality Control refers to the specific actions - tests, reviews, verification - that catch and resolve defects in the software. While every business uses software, and many need to develop custom software to suit unique needs, many if not most organizations lack the resources and experience to manage Quality Assurance for software projects. VPS has that experience and can supplement your team.

We’ve managed software development and formal validation for projects that require FDA approval and formal GxP process. We apply the rigor of that approach to all our projects with an eye towards right-sizing the testing and documentation to our clients’ needs.

Test Automation

Test automation is a powerful tool to supplement your current development and testing regime. By automating tests a team can achieve multiple simultaneous ends.

Automated test scripts can be used as:

  1. Acceptance Tests-write scripts to demonstrate to stakeholders that the system is built according to specifications.

  2. Smoke Tests- use core scripts after changes or outages to quickly assess if the system is ready to go

  3. Data creation/manipulation scripts- Functional testers can use targeted scripts to automate commonly repeated cases and create data on demand for testing

Test automation is a supplemental test activity that requires skill, experience, and planning to do successfully. VPS has the experience to make the effort to automate tests pay off for your development team.

Our People

Our success as an Appian implementation partner is enabled from the strength of our team, top-to-bottom, whether it’s our leadership leveraging decades of industry and technology experience to architect effective solutions, or our expert engineers and consultants who demonstrate proficiency not only with the tools required, but confidence when operating alongside our customers.

Our focus on service quality begins with a selective hiring process where we identify team players with a pitch-in attitude. Regardless of prior experience level, our training is rigorous with emphasis on development capability, breadth of knowledge, and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges. We cross-train our teams on a variety of Appian and general software engineering projects to deepen their technical insight as well as creativity.

Past Performance

Highlights of our past project experience include:

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  • CME Group

  • Federal Transit Authority

  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

  • AmeriHealth Caritas Health Plan

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Dept. of Treasury - Bureau of the Fiscal Service

  • Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)

  • IQVIA (formerly QuintilesIMS)

  • Ultimate Software

  • Bank of America

  • From September 27-29, 2021, we are participating in Enterprise Connect. Our booth number is 1945. So, make sure to visit us and say hello!