Full Service Software Engineering

The process of engineering a piece of software is made up of several different steps, not all of which deal directly with code. While there are different ways to organize a software project, the major steps are:

  • Requirements describe what the system should be

  • Design describes how the system should work

  • Implementation is the development of software system

  • Testing verifies that the system is correct

  • Maintenance and support ensures users are always productive


Depending on the nature of your software problem, there are different approaches to engineering the software solution.

The two approaches we employ are:

  • Agile

    - iteratively define requirements as we deliver pieces of the software system to you. This approach is great if you have a general idea what the system should do, buthave not yet defined how every component of the system should behave.
  • Waterfall

    - define all software system behavior upfront, before implementation begins. This is usually desired when the software system needs to meet regulatory requirements, as these items must be addressed.

In either approach we will work with you to define, implement, and verify your software system!

  • From September 27-29, 2021, we are participating in Enterprise Connect. Our booth number is 1945. So, make sure to visit us and say hello!