Mobile Apps

Recent innovations in technology have spawned a whole bunch of new applications for mobile devices, AKA APPs. These Apps reach new audiences and provide new opportunities. Apps provide new opportunities to reach users quickly and provide onthego access to new and existing services, and as such, consumer interest in applications has taken off as mobile devices have become ubiquitous.

This new field/arena is rightly tempting, but like anything else there are new pitfalls and risks.

VPS has the experience and the expertise to assist customers in venturing into the world of APP development, avoiding problems, and reaching success.

A popular usecase for mobile applications is to provide an additional interface into a software system. Consider how your users could benefit from accessing your service through their mobile device. Furthermore, as these apps increase convenience to your users, they also increase your ability to become part of user's lives.

VPS offers experience in implementing mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms. If you've never developed a mobile app, naturally you'll have questions:

  • Should I create a Native app (what's that?) vs responsive web application

  • iOS? Android?

  • Is my app already out there?

  • How do I test a mobile app? Is it scalable?

  • Is it useful? Is it social?

  • How do I distribute my app?

  • How do I make money?

  • How do I translate my desktop app functionality to a much smaller screen?

  • Where do I sell my app?

  • How do I submit my app for sale?


VPS offers answers and more.

Mobile app development requires all the same rigor and process that traditional development requires, and introduces new and unique challenges.

VPS has experience building custom mobile applications and helping our customers bring them to market. Let us help you.

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