Performance Testing

Developers of systems that perform well often go without thanks. When things run smoothly, such a system becomes wonderfully invisible.

When system performance is bad, however, the effects can be severe and highly visible:

  • Customers unable to access services =

    Lost Revenue

  • Employees unable to perform their jobs =

    Wasted Resources

  • Broken data-transfer processes =

    Corrupt Data

  • Confusion and frustration =

    Tarnished Brand

Performance testing is essential for determining how scalable any software implementation is. The critical steps of an effective performance testing plan are:

  1. Forecast user load and usage patterns
  2. Identify technical risks inherent to system architecture or design
  3. Design an appropriate environment for load simulations
  4. Plan for realistic test data
  5. Employ the right automated tools for the job

VPS has deep experience with performance testing, serving some of the largest agencies in the Federal government as well as commercial customers. We use a blend of adapted and proprietary tools to measure system performance and provide actionable results. We provide full-service consulting to design and execute an application performance plan that's right for you. Contact us to find out how well your system will perform at the times you need it most.

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