Messaging Applications Done Right

VPS knows that your business works better when you have the right communication tools in place.

Maintain Communication with Ease

VPS can help your team automate communication and stay connected with your customers in a variety of ways through our industry partnerships and collaborative approach. Free up your agents to focus on more critical work and increase your business's options for connecting with customers.

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Customized Communication Solutions

We offer many solutions for quick communication through chatbots and SMS using Twilio. By tapping into mobile solutions, we make communication and dissemination of information much more accessible for your team and your customers.


Additionally, these real-time options for communication allow you to share important information with your customers at a moment's notice – and even automate processes like appointment reminders to ease the burden on your team while improving relationships with customers.


We work to ensure that SMS and chatbot solutions integrate seamlessly into the other tools you use. CRM integrations like Twilio for Salesforce offer two-way communication within the Salesforce platform and provide assistance with using campaigns, setting up keywords, and data collection.


Secure & Compliant Messaging

We have created The Healthcare Communication Center (HCC) App, designed by Vision Point Systems and supported by Twilio and Appian systems. The HCC App is a HIPAA-compliant 2-way SMS chat application.


The app provides a compliant platform for safe and secure communication that can support nonprofit efforts for discrete and private crisis hotlines, medical practices who want to communicate securely with patients and insurance providers, and more. 


Internet-Based Communication

Internet-based messaging solution WhatsApp offers immediate and customizable communication options that bypass the need for SMS.


VPS has experience creating regulation-compliant automation options for WhatsApp like chatbots that can integrate into contact centers like Twilio Flex to increase staff productivity.


Immediate, Automated Communication

VPS has built custom solutions using Twilio Conversations for not only SMS but also for Web-based applications like WhatsApp.


These applications allow clients to build programmable chat functions to connect and group users by unique categories, facilitate private 1-on-1 communication, and protect the security and private information of users.


Conversational Solutions

Intercom is an all-in-one customer communications platform that delivers conversational experiences across the customer journey, with solutions for Conversational Marketing, Conversational Customer Engagement and Conversational Support.

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Automated Outbound Communication

Email offers another accessible way for your customers to receive information and for your business to collect important data.


With email tools from SendGrid, a marketing and communication email platform, we have created ways for our customers to automate outbound communication like newsletters, updates, and marketing. The same tools can be used to automate data collection when your business receives an email.

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VPS will be participating in Enterprise Connect 2021–an annual event that brings together corporate IT decision-makers together with the industry’s vendors, channel partners, analysts, and consultants to focus on the issues central to enterprise communications and collaboration.

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