Software Consulting

There are many kinds of software projects, and whether you have no software expertise, or you have a team that needs some temporary support, at VPS we maintain a staff of experienced engineers who can help bring your project to a successful delivery. Whether You're updating existing system or creating something new, VPS can offer assistance with a variety of challenges related to software:
  • Cost/benefit analysis

    for proposed changes or development are you trying to decide whether to pull the trigger? We'll help you analyze the ROI and the potential pitfalls
  • Migration planning from legacy systems

    - risk analysis, project planning, and project management
  • RFP development

    , including requirements specification and vendor selection - You need to hire a software team to build software, but that's not your forte. Let us help you write your requirements, gather bids and proposals, and find the support you need.
  • Code quality assessments

    - Have you inherited software? Is it any good? Is it salvageable? Are you better off writing something new? Perhaps you don't have the expertise on staff to evaluate it. Let VPS engineers review the codebase you have and give you a better understanding of where you stand so you can intelligently take the next step.
  • Emergency support for abandoned or struggling projects

    - Recent research indicated that as many as 68% of IT projects fail. If you're in good company. VPS has been repeatedly successful assisting struggling project teams turn things around.
  • From September 27-29, 2021, we are participating in Enterprise Connect. Our booth number is 1945. So, make sure to visit us and say hello!