No matter what your core business is, the strategic use of software will let you get a leg up on the competition. Unless software is your core business, you'll need help making software work for you instead of the other way around.


Example Projects

When should you call Vision Point Systems?


When you have a systems need that doesn't have an obvious solution already in the marketplace. If you operate today with a system or proprietary technology that is unique to your business, chances are that choosing an off-the-shelf product will feel forced and will not deliver the results you need without heavy customization.

Scroll through the box on the right to read about some of our exciting past successes here. We can't always disclose for whom we work because of the critical nature of the work that we do, but we have some interesting stories to tell.

Hybrid SIP and TDM IVR

Application: Interactive Voice Response System, driven by dynamic VoiceXML

Technologies: VoiceXML served by Pega PRPC Services to drive IVR call flow. Genesys GVP and Framework for call handling and routing. Integration with Avaya PBX via SIP Enablement Server and AES CTI Link.

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Dynamic Web-based Touch Screen UI

Application: Custom machine hardware needed UI available from remote workstations as well as a touchscreen on the equipment

Technologies: VPS developed a lightweight PHP application running on embedded hardware, utilizing JavaScript and AJAX to allow the web browser to process the interface definition. Separating the business data from the presentation data using XML allowed for localization of the displayed language.

Industry: High Tech Manufacturing

Website Content Management System

Application: Not wanting to sacrifice their design and brand, an agency needed a custom CMS for a series of public websites

Technologies: We built the CMS that runs the agency's main web sites using PHP, JavaScript, and a MySQL database. The CMS features live-preview capability, URL aliasing, and custom modules.

Industry: Non-Profit Economic Development

Prototype Networking Device

Application: Prototype experimental networking device for military applications

Technologies: Embedded Development in C, with direct interfaces to network chip APIs. Custom device bootloader. Supplemental network testing software.

Industry: High Tech Manufacturing


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