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Low Code Wednesday: Optimizing Queries within Appian

In this article we take a technical deep dive into Appian and discuss a simple way to make your queries more performant at scale. Read on to learn about how to stay on track and find success with your app.

Low Code

2 Great Use-Cases for Low Code Development Platforms

Low Code platforms are customizable and flexible to many different industries and use-cases. Here are 2 great examples to help conceptualize how they can be used at their best.

Low Code

5 Takeaways for Low Code from AWS re:Invent 2021

Author: Jim Schweitzer   |   Published: December 8, 2021 Last week was AWS’ 10th anniversary edition of the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, NV. It was a nonstop week packed with keynotes,

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Low Code

How to Choose a Low Code Development Platform

Author: Jim Schweitzer Did you know that the low code market has grown by 23 percent since last year and raised $11.3 billion in profits? Experts at Gartner believe that

NonProfit Tech

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit From Twilio Programmable Communications

Author: Andrew Ramadan   |   Published: December 1, 2021 Nonprofits use communications platforms for a variety of reasons. Whether these organizations need help reaching their audience with options for remote communications or require


Appian Government 2021: The VPS Recap

This past Tuesday, November 16 was the annual Appian Government conference in Washington, DC. The event – hosted by Appian – is a conference that connects government agencies, Appian partners and executives, product leadership, and delivery teams to discuss driving industry learning, collaboration, and innovation.


7 Ways Twilio For Salesforce Can Transform Your Organization

Twilio for Salesforce is a powerful tool that can instantly transform any organization. It combines the messaging capabilities of Twilio with the process management capabilities of Salesforce to reach your audience at scale. There are 7 functionalities within the technology that make Twilio for Salesforce a useful tool for businesses:

Low Code

Using DevOps to Improve Delivery Speed

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar. You’re the product owner on a large-scale project with many members on the implementation team. One of the people on your team is Dan the Developer. You’ve noticed that Dan’s completed code, which you already approved during UAT, won’t arrive in production for weeks.


How to Meet Deadlines and Stay On Budget with a Performance Testing Team

A low-code development platform offers many advantages for meeting a timeline and staying on budget when developing software applications. One of the benefits to these platforms is that they handle a lot of features out of the box to jumpstart development projects


Encourage Stakeholder and End-User Engagement

Stakeholder and end-user engagement is critical for building a successful software application and attaining the benefits of a low-code platform. More specifically, stakeholders and end-users need to be heavily involved in the implementation process from start to finish in order to achieve an aligned definition of success.


Assess the Current System

Low code platforms offer many benefits over traditional enterprise software deployments. Most importantly, low code platforms allow development teams to focus on the business needs of users to achieve faster


Join Us At Enterprise Connect 2021!

VPS will be participating in Enterprise Connect 2021–an annual event that brings together corporate IT decision-makers together with the industry’s vendors, channel partners, analysts, and consultants to focus on the issues central to enterprise communications and collaboration.


Appian World 2021 - Partnering for Performance

Vision Point Systems has pioneered methodologies for performance testing within the Appian sphere. In 2019, VPS had the opportunity to partner with Deloitte to bring our expertise in quality assurance and performance measurement to a critical, large-scale Appian deployment for the Federal Government.


Test Automation ROI in Appian Projects

Testing has been part of the secret sauce at VPS since we got started in 2002, and while it may be a bit boring, we maintain that QA pays for itself. Working on Appian development projects, our testers stand out in that they are familiar with Appian and can go further into the application than a typical black-box functional tester.

About VPS

VPS to Aid TrekMedics International in Deployment of Emergency Response Center in Malawi

Our long time friend and client, Jason Friesen, is embarking on one of his most ambitious projects as head of Trek Medics International, and VPS is excited to be a part of the team.

About VPS

Vision Point Systems Becomes Twilio Consulting Builder - Gold Level Partner

Vision Point Systems, Inc, of Fairfax, VA  and Twilio, Inc of San Francisco, CA announce that VPS has earned the designation of Gold-level Partner status as a Twilio Consulting Builder. Vision Point Systems has been a Twilio consulting partner since 2013.

Performance Testing

News of the Damned!

I got tipped off to this podcast at CAST. “Join your faithful host James Pulley and special guests every week for analysis on globally crashing websites and system failures while he reviews the disastrous sins of the evildoers in the IT department…”


Fax and BPM: A Match Made in Heaven

Greetings from 32000 Feet somewhere over Utah, on my way to AppianWorld. Our friends at Twilio released support for Fax over the weekend. They’ve been having fun with it on social media, playing into the archaicness of the technology, but I’m super stoked at what kind of possibilities this opens up to our BPM Customers.


Performance Testing 101: Types of Tests

Any software team worth its salt has testers. They execute functional tests to make sure that the system works as designed. They are, by and large excellent at this. What they usually DO NOT do, due to constraints of resources, is make sure that the system that worked correctly with 1 user (the tester) works correctly with 1000 or 10,000 users.

Lessons Learned

Get Yer Heads Out of Your Agile

For the past few years, both on customer projects and also on internal development projects, we have used the Agile Methodology*. I add the asterisk because no one seems to agree on what exactly agile should be, and no team I’ve ever seen (even within an organization) does it the same way.

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Transform your BPM with Twilio at AppianWorld 2017

VPS is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming AppianWorld 2017 – coming to San Francisco in April. We’ve been a sponsor at AppianWorld for a few years

About VPS

Welcome to the VPS SES Blog

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the VPS Software Engineering Blog. We’ll be using this as a venue for sharing our experiences and thoughts as it relates to the world of Software for the Enterprise. You’ll see plenty about BPM, especially Appian, as that’s where we’ve been focused for the past few years.